James M. Nachbar, MD, JD, FACS

When you need an Attorney who understands Medicine inside and out

When the Law and Medicine Intersect
When a medical professional comes upon a legal problem, you don't want to have to explain your world to a lawyer who never went to medical school, has never been called to the ED for a trauma patient, and doesn't know the difference between a licensing board, a hospital board, a certification board, and a medical society. 

Dr. Nachbar has been there, understands the issues, and can help.
Defamation and Reviews
While we all have our opinions and the right to speak them, sometimes claims are made that are not truthful.

When false statements are made about you, there are steps you can take to resolve the issue.

However, you must act quickly.  The Statute of Limitations for Defamation in Arizona is only one year.

When a Judge or Jury analyze a case where a medical issue is central, they rely on a medical expert witness, often a doctor, to help them understand it.

A medical expert should be neutral, and merely help the Court understand the issue.

However, some medical experts view themselves as a “hired gun,” confusing expert testimony with advocacy, and believing they can bluff their way through Cross Examination.

But it’s a lot harder to bluff when the cross-examining attorney is also a practicing physician.

Fee Disputes
Unfortunately, the recent turmoil in health insurance has resulted in some unfair billing practices. 

While the charges for medical treatment are supposed to be "reasonable," we have seen some patients charged many times more than other patients, for exactly the same service.

If you have been sent an unfair bill, contact us so we can see what your options are.
James M. Nachbar, MD, JD, FACS


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Dr. Nachbar is a practicing surgeon, who is also an attorney licensed in Arizona.

Call on his unique background when medicine and the law intersect.